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There is no denying the importance of the ones that work the business side of the music industry every day.

Empire Music Promotions works with many talented individuals daily, and we would not be where we are today without the continued support of our friends and affiliates.

Out of a shared respect for what they do to keep the music industry alive and well, we ask that you support these business’s by taking a moment to look at what they have to offer, and both like and share their respective endeavors.

We greatly appreciate your support of these great music organizations.


For all things Hip-Hop related, make sure to subscribe to the ambitious and well informed (PWRMOVES.HIPHOP)


Need a killer music video made! This award winning Director is a close friend of the E.M.P Family. (


To get your music fix, look no further than Vents Magazine. (


A stellar music publication that offers some of the best articles around. (


One of the largest UK publications in the world, constantly putting out great music articles. (

Perfect Filth Studios

Experienced sound engineers, combined with some choice gear will give your music the quality it deserves! (


If your axe needs more metal, more punk, more killer appeal! Check out Guitar Spikes (

PopWrapped Magzine music PR Empire Music Promotions Independent

Constantly producing great entertainment articles, check out PopWrapped today! (

Mary 4 Music

A great place for music resources and much more! check out Mary 4 Music at (

Unleash Web Design

Are you looking for a responsive and clean website? Look no further than Unleash Web Design (

New Millenium Music

We love the layout and mission of this great online music magazine! Check them out Music today (

Music Indie Bible

The Indie Bible offers an incredibly powerful music PR tool for indie musicians! Find them at (

Guitar Heroes Banner

Are you a gear-head? Make sure to check out what Guitar Heroes has to offer! Find them at (

Bergstein entertainment

Providing professional indie musicians with the very best in radio play services! (

Artist View Blog

One of the hottest trending publications around! Artist View Blog offers up the best for artists and their fans alike.  ( Burrito

Offering artists a killer platform to share their work, El Burrito is a great place to get your entertainment news! (

Diary of a music addict

Another great place to find the music you love online. Check out Diary Of A Music Addict Today! (