Web Design


Creating Exceptional Websites for Independent Musicians

You need to have professional Web Design & Development. Having a new song to share is great, putting the finishing touches on your new album is even better, but nothing quite compares to placing that new amazing product on a beautiful custom website for all to see!
The facts are in, and there is no denying it, at some point your new listeners will eventually come to your music webpage, and when they do, you will want that page to shine!

Far too many websites are messy and convoluted, hard to navigate and unresponsive, and this can, quite often, lose you a sale in regards to your album or merchandise.
A clean, easy to navigate, user-friendly, and optimized website is one of your most powerful music promotional tools!

This is your living business card to offer everyone in the music industry, and you want it to open doors for you that only a custom professional website can!
Having a professional and up-to-date website to place your music, share your news, and meet your fans, is an undeniable feeling of accomplishment. It will be something you will want to show off, and something your fans will be excited to share as well!

Empire Music Promotions is excited to offer bands a new, and very important, service…Web Design & Development!

We are now offering our musicians the option for a clean, responsive and easy to use website. Our talented web designers focus on making your bands webpage one that listeners will want to look at, like & share.

Your Website will include:

  • Custom/Responsive Banners
  • Interactive Widgets
  • Social Media Counters
  • A dedicated Press Kit page
  • Full optimization for all Computers, Cell Phones & Tablets
  • Everything you will need to reach out to the masses, from sharing to your album, to watching your music videos, to finding you on social media easily, to purchasing your music, and more!

All of our Websites are professionally made, bug tested and user friendly. Payment options are available.

Websites start at $3000 US or check our Empire Bundle Package .