YOU WANT TO BE HEARD: Our Music Promotion Philosophy

The main focus of music marketing and promotion is simple; to help gain serious attention online (and off) for those musicians that deserve to be heard, because they have created something worth sharing with the world, and they are taking what they do very seriously. To do it right, takes a lot of effort and care, it takes a company that desires to see you succeed, and this is what we at Empire Music Promotions strive to do with every single serious musician, or independent band, that we have the pleasure of working with.
Our campaigns are individually designed for our clients in order to offer the best possible campaign results that we can, so that we can do exactly that; get people talking.

We may be the new music promotion company on the block, but our staff have worked within the music promotion industry on many different levels for years. Our connections are many, our list of friends and affiliates grow by the day, and most importantly, we honestly care about the musicians we promote. We will continue to work, in every case, until we have fulfilled what we have promised in our campaigns.
For now, we will be offering smaller campaigns aimed at getting you important quality press as soon as possible. These smaller campaigns are meant for serious independent musicians looking to show and share their reviews, interviews and other news, with their growing fan bases. If you are looking for quality press to get your music career on the right path, then choose any one of our campaigns to help kick start your musical revolution!

YOU WANT TO BE NOTICED: Our Music Marketing Campaigns

Our Music PR Campaigns are all designed to offer guaranteed results.

We work closely with our artists to make sure that they are armed with the proper professional “Press Release” tools, that are necessary to connect with the music business as a whole. Every campaign offers “Press Release Help”, “Guaranteed Quality Press”, and is personally handled by the CEO and Founder, Ryan Donnelly. More advanced campaigns offer “Social Media Awareness And Help”, “Video Promotion” and substantially larger “Press Results”.

Depending on what you are currently looking for from our Music PR Firm, we have multiple campaigns to choose from, with each one designed to offer something a bit different from the previous package.

Do you have the music, but lack the resume?

Artists choosing our $99 EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Package, will receive a professionally written, industry standard, Electronic Press Kit! This will be customized to fit your needs, and will have the highest chance of being accepted by industry professionals and publications!

Looking to put yourself on the social media map?
Do you desire to build your fan base up even more?

Try our Campaign called Introduction. This modest, but effective one-month campaign, is designed to deliver quality press that will bolster your musical efforts and leave you with a solid “Music Portfolio” to share with the world. This effective campaign also comes with the added bonus of a professionally written, industry standard, Electronic Press Kit!

Are you a serious musician looking to build a truly solid musical foundation on which to build your own musical empire?

Try our Campaign called Kick Starter 1-Month. This ambitious one-month campaign is designed to do more than introduce your music to the public, it is designed to create some serious momentum for the artist, by offering even more guaranteed quality press, and even more social media help. The added option to promote a music video is held for any band or musician that currently does not have a music video, but plans to make one. This package is a great way to “kick Start” your music career!

Looking to take your One-Month even further!

Sign on to our one-month intensive Campaign called Focused Assault! This is similar to our Kick-Starter Campaign, but with one major difference, this is a campaign aimed at offering a flurry of press, and more of it!

Are you ready to take your Music to the next level?

Choose our Campaign called Serious 3-Month. This killer campaign is designed to offer any musician or band, the maximum amount of results. Offering the highest amount of quality press results guaranteed to impress! The added option to promote a music video is held for any band or musician that currently does not have a music video, but plans to make one. If you are looking to create a serious effective cornerstone on which to build your musical empire, this is it!

Are You Ready To Build Your Own Empire?

We wouldn’t put our name on it if it was anything less than the best of what we had to offer! By choosing our Empire (3-Month) Campaign, you are placing down a strong promotional cornerstone on which to build your own empire! Offering musicians a custom website, with clean graphics and all the pages necessary to reach out to everyone in the world! This campaign comes packed with everything you find in all of the other campaigns, with the added bonus of having us at your disposal, full-time, while we create a three-month flurry of exciting press to fill your brand new website up with!





FROM INDIE TO EMPIRE-The only DIY music marketing tool needed for today’s Indie Musicians

We know that money is not always in abundance, and that that should not stop an artist from reaching out on their own. Created out of Ryan’s desire to help serious independent musicians, all over the world, in gaining their own exciting press results on a limited budget! Our book, From Indie To Empire is filled from front to back with industry tips, motivational thoughts, and proven music PR and Music Marketing methods!

From Indie To Empire is quickly becoming the book of choice for professional and serious independent musicians all over the world!



From Indie To Empire Cover