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There is a lot of great music of there.
The sort of music that breaks through all your defenses, penetrating right through to the core of your heart, and it hangs out in obscurity, just waiting for you to find it; but that is just one half of the story.
There is also a lot of terrible music out there.
The sort of soulless music that doesn’t care about the message, it doesn’t have any desire to move you, but it does want to move the money from your wallet; and it looks to be hanging out in the light, doing just fine, not even breaking a sweat to get attention, or so it seems.
That is the other side of the story.

Music Promotion

Do you ever think about what side of the fence you are on?
I know, you love your music, you know it is some of the best music around, and it probably is, but is it great? Is it sincere, real, raw, honest, and sending a message intended to connect with the core of the listener? Or are you secretly letting the desire for fame and fortune take the wheel?
I only ask, because art can be a fulfilling lifelong path, one that you wake up excited for every single day. It can be an ongoing transformational experience of self-discovery, a gift that you are forever grateful for, and it can fulfill your much-needed deeper sense of purpose.
This is what art “can” be, for those who do this for themselves, the ones who make sure to move themselves first with their own creation, before they attempt to move another. This is a path open for the ones who put dreams of celebrity aside as they continue to dig even deeper into their own emotions, to find something greater; a real personal truth.

So, why am I talking to you about all this, what does any of this have-to do with music promotion, and more to the point, YOUR music promotion?
Well, it has EVERYTHING to do with your music promotion, and I am going to tell you why.

Music Promotion

Promoting your music is going to be a grind!
It is going to take a lot of effort, and many times you are going to feel discouraged by the entire process, because so much of it happens behind the scenes, and even when your efforts are succeeding, you don’t get to always see them in a flashy way, if at all.
You put in the effort today, only to get a call back months later.
You ask your family and friends to support your page, but most of them don’t; no reason really, it’s just not their top priority (art seldom is).

When you love your music, when you create art because it moves you inside, and when you do this for you and not the celebrity, you can get through all this time in obscurity without losing hope and faith in why you even do it in the first place.
I am not lying when I say that promoting your music is going to be a serious grind, there is no fast-tracking to the top, no matter how great your song is. The larger corporate machines will throw so much money at the music they want to succeed, that eventually, in terms of profit, it does; or it takes a serious nose-dive, and a soulless musicians career goes under.

Music Promotion

The reason you must love creating music for you, with a purpose to move yourself first, is that you are going to be spending a lot of time tripping over the entire self-promotional process, and in-order to not lose your mind doing this, you must truly believe in the product you are selling, and that product is your authentic self.

Great music will travel the world, and it might spend a lot of time hanging out in the dark and dingy corners of the music industry…but great music will always find its time, its place, and its people; which is cannot do if you are doing this for the money and the fame, because there is no way you will ever survive the grind, if it isn’t your everything.


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