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You are an artist, and you want to be loved, or rather, you want your art to be loved; either way, you want something that everyone else wants, and somehow you have tied up your progress to this mission in how many “likes” you have on your Facebook account (not to mention all the other social media subscriber hooks). I am here to tell you that you are not alone in this necessary, numerical pursuit of popularity; but I am also here to tell you to stop worrying about it so much.
Let me ask you. Is it better to have one real organic-like, or a thousand fake ones?
Is it better to have a small number of active followers, or an account overflowing with fake accounts?
One has an almost embarrassing number to share with the world, and the other number will have everyone impressed and tripping over each other to get to you and your music, right? Wrong.
It has become a growing disease of the music industry (and all other industries to be honest), this desire to raise your Facebook “Likes” as fast as you can, because if you don’t have a large number, then you don’t have a relevant sound, right? Once again, wrong.

The one person who likes your music is going to buy it, and share it, and help that planted seed grow; while the fake ones you paid for are going to stay silent and useless; and you might think that the industry big-wigs might be impressed, but trust me, they know the tricks, and they are not going to open their doors for anyone trying to race to the riches.
There is no outsmarting the machine, so buckle up, dig your heels in, and prepare for the mass amount of work you have ahead.

An old friend once said, “Comparison is the father of discontent”, and you know what, those are some truthful words to remember.
Everyone is looking at everyone else’s “Like-Count” and feeling as though they are somehow falling behind in the music industries race. Great musicians are feeling discouraged by their numbers. These honest musicians approaching the world with their music, and some hope in having their music bring them to the palace we all seek.
I am telling you to “Stop worrying about the Likes”. It’s not a gauge of your success as a musician, and it does not define the emotionally potency of your music; it just means that those who took the time to “like” you’re your page, were those who also do not mind “Liking” people’s pages.
The world is sick of having to endorse everything they see on the internet, and it is showing in the lower numbers found on talented musician pages. I have heard some incredibly inspired music, from musicians who deserve the highest numbers, and somehow, I find myself talking with them about their discouragement in having less than impressive numbers.

I am telling you, the industry is not run by “Likes”, and there is much more at play in the background than you could possibly know. Are you popular in the UK or in the USA? Are you building up an audience in your backyard, or are you taking over the youth of a small city in a third world country? How can you know for sure?
I can tell you this, not everyone who likes your music is going to like your page, and not everyone who supports your music is going to speak up.
I love Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails and Rishloo, and I have purchased all their albums, but have I liked all their pages? The simple answer is no.
I don’t know why I don’t take the time to head over to their camp and support their cause, but maybe I am just tired of being asked to like someone’s page, or maybe I just like showing that I like them by buying their music and listening to it on my own?

Do me a favor, and make the best music that you can. Make it from the heart, and put every ounce of emotion that you can into every track you make. Pay attention to the artwork that you choose to accompany it, and get excited about the merchandise you create. Stay forever hard-working on the promotion of your music, and head into the world with a deep respect for your artistic branding. Keep learning, every single day, about what it takes to get your music to new listeners. Take the time to reach out to people personally, and never be afraid to ask the most important people in the industry for their advice or thoughts, because you never know where that will get you. Reach out to other musicians that you respect and start making new friends, and help the industry maintain its health, by simply choosing to be a part of it, and not outside of it.
But above all; stop comparing yourself to the apparent success of others, and for the love of God, stop worrying about the “Likes”.


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