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Leave it to Australia to make sure the music industry knows where some of its great music comes from, and currently, that great new music is set to reach out to the masses straight from Melbourne, as Alt-Rock-Electronica act Collegians is gearing up to release their highly-anticipated new single titled “Vaccine” on August 25th/2017.
Inking a deal with Cultivator Records back in 2015, after forming the band in 2014, the Collegians have been working overtime to create a deep, emotionally driven, dark-synth, and sonically impressive album to offer fans of this powerful genre, all over the world.


Glenn Patrick / Vocal, Guitar
Gerry Leigh / Guitar, Vocals
James Leigh / Keyboard, Bass
Vince Leigh / Drums

Fronted by the brooding and raw-throated vocals of British-born lead-singer Glenn Patrick, Collegians have found the charismatic force that we require from top-tier musicians.
Of course, it is never the single that makes up the sum, but the many members that make up the whole, and Collegians are the unique and exciting band that they are, because of the industry savvy members that make up every aspect of the band.
Within moments of hearing their upcoming single “Vaccine”, it is clear that Collegians operate on the most intense level of professionalism that they can, and there is no lack of attention to detail within the music they create.
Their stories of isolation and desperation, of hope and desire, are what make their unique brand of sound stand out in the crowd, and what will have listeners hooked from the very start.

With influences ranging from Imagine Dragons to MUSE to Depeche Mode, and armed with a sound reminiscent of the talented 30 Seconds To Mars, Three Days Grace, Kasabian, and 21 Pilots; Collegians respectfully add their own unique branding to this genre of sound.

With every member of the band confident and well-versed in playing live shows, Collegians are focused on creating a live experience that captures the raw emotional power that can be found in their new album. This desire to reach out to a wider audience by unleashing their explosive energy on stage, is something that the band takes very seriously, as Glenn has been quoted as saying;
‘We all got into music because of the connection it makes with other people, no matter where you are, what you’re into. Music is such a blend these days that an audience reflects that. We just want to get onto that emotional level with crowds, and with whoever gets into the music. It’s all give and take, and we’re looking forward to the possibilities that lie ahead.’

Now, after a couple of years fine tuning the writing, mixing, and overall production, the exciting four-piece group’s debut track “Vaccine” is set to be released soon, with a succession of exciting new tracks to follow.


In 2017, we can all thank Collegians for offering another great album to the industry, and for caring about their listeners enough to keep their songs truly honest, and for taking their time to create great music all around.


Collegians can be found on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, and their official website (


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