Your music might be world changing and awe-inspiring, but if you handle that gem the wrong way, let me tell you, that gem is getting dropped straight down a six-foot hole in the ground; and good luck finding it after that.
Stand back for a moment, and consider looking at the whole picture of your intended musical journey.
Try to consider, not only the creation of the music itself, but attempt to visualize the process of getting that music to the masses. If you can only see the simple act of offering up your music with nothing more attached to the project, then you might want to consider ditching the idea of a successful career in this fast-moving industry.

If you want your music to be heard, and I mean really heard, then you are going to have to put some real thought into how you plan on releasing your musical children out and in to the world.
Providing you have a professionally recorded song, or song’s, in your possession, you can now plot out a real course of action; but if your music is recorded cheaply and without the care of a professionally discerning ear, then your musical ship is off to rest in Davy Jones’s Locker.

Coheed And Cambria


You need to consider the full scope of the artwork that you are going to pair with your sound, and this is not a place to drop the ball in the least. In fact, many successful musicians are known as much for their imagery and branding, as they are for their music. I, of course, am not suggesting that you channel your inner Behemoth, Marilyn Manson, or Bowie, to achieve a successful ending to your story; but I am suggesting that you consider the importance of having a clear idea of who you are and what your music is about at-all-times (and especially before coming out from obscurity with your music).
If you look to musician’s like TOOL, Coheed And Cambria, and The Black Atlas, you will see musicians that value the imagery as much as the music, artists that understand the raw power found in a great piece of visual art. Can you imagine any of these bands without their powerful imagery? I didn’t think so.

Now that you have your professionally recorded music in-hand, and the killer artwork to share among the peoples (and cats) of the internet; now you must make a decision as to how you plan on sharing this great new piece of art? What social media sites will you share it on, and do not say all of them, be specific, be focused, and choose the ones that you will continue to share on every day.
Before you let that music out, you should consider the power of the coveted first listen.
If you are a new band, this might be a bit of a hard sell, but if this is your second song or album, and if you have more than a few social media followers, you will want to consider offering up that new release to a powerful publication to share first for you. In fact, you must offer it up if you want to reach people in an effective way, and publications love premieres.


Imagine trying to build a car while simultaneously attempting to drive it down the road? Impossible, right?
This is very much a proper metaphor for your music as well.
You must have as many of the marketing pieces in place as you can before you send that music down the open highway. No, this does not mean that you have-to know everything, but it doesn’t hurt to have a real plan of action here.
You should know who gets the premiere, and when they are getting it.
You will want to plan your release week, in such a way, that it hits on all the important points of your music.
Where can I hear the music? Where can I share the music? And ultimately; Where can I buy the music?
You want to make the whole process as streamline and professional as possible.
Have your website ready to up-date and show off on release day, and make sure your places to sell the album are up and running on the same day as well.
Make a note of every major new event on your social media, and do not stop in offering up the musical goodness either. Offer promotional give-a-ways, lyric videos, behind the scenes footage, whatever it takes to keep the hype train moving full steam ahead.
Make sure all-of your links are working and ready to go on day one. I cannot stress this enough.
If someone goes to buy your music and they can’t find the album, that sale is gone.
If someone wants to share your new song and there is not share button on your website, that’s one listener stopped from getting you one more.

The Black Atlas

Plan to release your new music ahead of time and let people know that it is coming. Give them time to talk about it, and do not rely on Facebook to share it without paying for an ad. Do not mass email anyone about the exciting news, individually reach out to the people, or pay for the ad-space, then it will be seen by many.
Never be afraid to invest in yourself and your art.

Understanding the importance of the setting up the hype before the release date will, ultimately, save you from the heartache of feeling as though no one is listening.
You must tell people how to view your music, without actually-telling them. Treat it like a big deal and so will they; make the mistake of unceremoniously releasing it in secret, and no one will see the importance in sharing what you have-to offer.
It is your music, and your listeners are your army, and they need to be led by a passionate leader.

Obviously, this topic could fill a book in-itself, but for the sake of you the reader, just know this; you should view the first week of your release as a truly special day in advance, and set up the pieces ahead of time, in-order to guarantee that your release week will shine brightly.
If you can do this, you will not make the mistake of sending your music to an early grave.

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